Best Western Muncie? More like Worst Western Muncie

It is 7:20 in the morning and I am blogging. Here I am at Best Western Muncie in Indiana, it is NOT a good hotel, definitely not the best either. Number one, you have to come down to the front desk for room service, WHY?! What if you don’t feel like going down to the front desk, I would expect that you would be tired from your car ride or from riding in an airplane. All the other hotels I’ve been too have a lady with a cart that has everything you could possibly need in a hotel, but not at Best Western. Number 2, when you turn on the heat, it smells like something’s burning. I mean, I got pretty worried. Number 3, the toilet paper and the tissue are not soft, once again, WHY. This is the kind of tissue that is at my school! Number 4,  the toothbrush, it was quite flimsy and the brush part only had like ten or seven bristles. If I had brushed my teeth hard enough, it probably would’ve broken. Number 5, the food, it was bad, I have a lot of things to say about it too. First of all the pancakes came out of a machine that rolled them out, causing the pancakes to be half of a centimeter thick and they were hard to cut. Number 6 the milk, they had two percent milk and whole milk, but I had to get the whole milk because for some strange reason they hadn’t filled the two percent milk up. Number 7, the cereal, the cereal was not crunchy and delicious, it was STALE. Apparently all of the good crunchy cereal was at the top. Number 8, the juice, there was orange juice and apple juice, the orange juice was strait up terrible, on the juice container only said juice, it didn’t say artificial flavoring or natural juice or anything, I should’ve known it would be crap. Well, I guess that’s it, so if you ever go to Indiana, don’t stay at Best Western, because it might as well be Worst Western.


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