Think Outside the Kids’ Menu

Have you noticed that on a lot of kids menus, they have stuff like fries, chicken tenders, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? If you have, you might ask yourself why that is. Well that’s simply because people expect children to be picky, and a lot of kids are picky, but a lot of them aren’t as well. If children are opened up to different types of food they won’t be eating fries and stuff all the time. By the way I’m not saying that you can’t eat fries and stuff you can choose to eat whatever you want because it’s your life. And another thing, food may not be as good if it’s on a kids menu because they think “Oh they’re just kids we don’t need to put as much effort in this”. I remember when I was little and I used to love the grilled cheese sandwiches on the McAlister’s kids menu ( again this was when I was little) Well I had tried their grilled cheese recently and it was pretty bad! I mean the the cheese was really thick and basically not even melted. If it weren’t for the side of chips I would of starved! So just be open to different types of food and not just the things on the kids menus.


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